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The systems, algorithms and practices at EmpirePoker exist to ensure total fairness to each and every player. Our Random Number Generation (RNG) system operates at the highest level of encryption and randomness, to ensure fairness without exception.

All online games, at every online poker room, use what is called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is what shuffles the decks and pulls the cards. A good random number generator is one that generates numbers that are:

  • Evenly distributed, and not related to each other in any way
  • Unpredictable

Because the numbers the RNG generates are completely random, both the player and the online poker room are assured of complete fairness. For example, if our random number generator were to be biased in any way, players could recognize the bias and use it to their advantage. Virtually any online poker room game can be turned against the house if the numbers are biased. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the online poker room to make the random number generator as unbiased as possible.

EmpirePoker uses a Secured-Random RNG, which is cryptographically certified. The RNG "seed" is the initial point from which a sequence of randomly generated numbers start. It is impossible to predict the sequences resulting from the seed. To ensure that a number sequence will not repeat itself, the seed is calculated using as many factors as possible, such as network activity, time of the day and several other parameters.

Proprietary tests are used to test and ensure the randomness of RNG. The RNG has been tested extensively and certified by iTech Labs (a globally recognized gaming certification authority).

Should you have any further questions about our Random Number Generator, or the fairness of our games,
please Contact Us.

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Empire Poker can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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