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About Us -  Security

We take security very seriously at EmpirePoker. Our players, our systems and our reputation depend on it.

Transaction Security

The EmpirePoker payment processing center uses high levels of data encryption. Our Payment Processing Center uses 128-bit encryption, provided by Thawte Security, to ensure the security and privacy of your data. We keep all of your information confidential and will never share or sell your data to third parties, except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Our state-of-the art player identification and controlled access login ensures maximum account safety.

Account Security

Each account at EmpirePoker is protected by these security measures:

  1. Controlled access for players only
    EmpirePoker My Accounts can only be accessed with a unique 'Accountname' and 'Password'. Each player is only allowed one (1) Account and we perform random security checks and other reviews to maintain the system’s integrity . Please keep your password strictly confidential. If you lose your Accountname or Password, a replacement will be issued upon request.
  2. Identity verification
    Players must register using their true and legal identity and are required to provide their complete mailing address and contact information when creating an Account at EmpirePoker. Registering with a false name or mailing address will cause the associated Account to be subject to closure. Random identity checks and other security reviews are performed on a regular basis to protect the integrity of the system.
  3. 24/7 support:
    If you have any questions regarding the security policies at EmpirePoker, or if you have a specific issue related to security that requires attention, please email us at [email protected].
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