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EmpirePoker is committed to providing our Players with the absolute best customer support available within the online poker industry. To assist you with quickly answering questions, we have also compiled a list of answers to our player's most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Part I - Downloading and Installation
Part II - Game Related Questions
Part III - Software Related Questions
Part IV - Money Games Questions
Part V - Play for Free Question
Part VI - Tournament Rules


1.1 What do I need to do to join a game and start playing poker?

Playing poker at EmpirePoker requires you to complete a FREE and simple Software download (see below).

1.2 How do I download the EmpirePoker Software?

Downloading the Software is very easy. Just click on the "Play now" button at the top of any page on the EmpirePoker site. If you experience any difficulties when downloading, please contact EmpirePoker's Player Support at [email protected], provide specific information regarding your problem, and we'll will assist you as soon as possible.

1.3 I downloaded the Software but now I can't find it.

If you downloaded the file (EmpirePokerSetup.exe) but forgot where you saved it, don't worry. Just go to Start-->Find-->File or Folders and type in EmpirePokerSetup.exe in the "Named:" box. Once found, just double click and join our party!

1.4 I installed EmpirePoker Software, but I can't hear any sounds

Enabling sounds for your games is easy. Simply follow these steps:

a) Login using your EmpirePoker account.

b) In the EmpirePoker Lobby, please select the "Options" menu.

c) Click on the "Sounds" option and make sure that it is checked.

Please check that you have a valid sound card and your speaker is not set to mute.

1.5 I installed the Software. Now where do I go to start playing?

Once you have downloaded the Software, locate the EmpirePoker icon (the poker chip on your desktop) and click on it. Or you may click on the "Start" button of on the bottom left of your screen and then search for EmpirePoker in the first menu that opens up. You should find "EmpirePoker" in the upper half of the menu. Just click on it, click on EmpirePoker, and you can fund your Account and start playing.

1.6 Do I need to go to www.EmpirePoker each time I want to play?
No, you just have to click on the EmpirePoker icon on the desktop (the poker chip) and it will automatically connect you to the site so you can start playing.

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2.1 What do I do to begin playing?

Download our free EmpirePoker Software. Select a Game by clicking the appropriate tab on the Software Lobby, choose a table, and click Join Table. Then take a seat and a registration form will appear on your screen. Fill out the registration form and you're all set. You'll literally be playing within minutes.

2.2 How do I select the game I want to play?

When you're in the Lobby in the Software, at the top of the chart, you'll see Live Games. To play anything on the lower set of game tabs, click Live Games first and then the appropriate game tab. Select the table you are interested in playing at and double click it (or click Join Table at the below the chart). The table will appear on your screen and take a seat anywhere there is a seat Open.

2.3 What if the table I want to play at is full?

Click the Waiting List button for that table and you will automatically be added to the waiting list for it. In the Lobby, on the right of your screen, you will notice a list of players currently playing at and waiting for a particular table. When you click on Wait, your name will be added to the bottom of the waiting list. As seats become available, your name moves up till you are at the top of the list. When your seat becomes available, you will automatically be notified.

2.4 What if there are no players at the table I wish to play at?

In this case, just click on the waiting list for the empty table you would like to play at. Select the minimum number of players you wish to play against. When a new game is ready to start, with your selected number of players ready to go, you will automatically be notified.

2.5 Will I know how much is in the pot at all times?

Yes. This amount is posted in the center of the pot. In addition, the chips in the center of the pot equal the exact size of the pot.

2.6 I've never played poker before but would like to join. How do I start?

We welcome new players. For a quick lesson on how to play the games we offer, just click on How to Play. Once there, you can click on any game or games you wish to learn about. The first thing you must do is learn which poker hand beats another hand. Click Rank of Hands for this information. (As a suggestion, print any or all of these pages and keep them handy as a quick reference when you're first starting to play.) You can also click on Poker Lingo to learn the common poker terms.

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3.1 Do all poker sites use the same Software?

At EmpirePoker, we offer the most high-tech and secure Software system available anywhere. Our Software was created strictly for EmpirePoker. No other poker site on the Web has the same Software as EmpirePoker.

3.2 How can I be sure that all games played at EmpirePoker are fair and honest?

To read more about our security and fair and honest play on EmpirePoker, go to Integrity. EmpirePoker host Brad Daugherty guarantees "You can be assured that the games on EmpirePoker are fair and honest. In addition, the total protection of your privacy is guaranteed." We encourage you to try EmpirePoker and see for yourself.

3.3 Sometimes during play, the connection seems to get interrupted or the game starts to go really slow. Why is this?

The communication between your machine and our servers has been optimized for the fastest response. However, if you feel that your game is going slow, most likely one of two things could be happening:
1) The players on the table are taking a long time to make their move(s).
2) Your connection to the Internet may be bad.
Customer satisfaction is of primary importance to us. We will do everything possible to help you. Contact us and we will assist you directly.

3.4 What happens if I get disconnected from a table in the middle of a hand?

If this happens, our Software will try to automatically re-connect you to the Internet and return you right back to your table. Ideally, you'll get back in time to resume play as if nothing had happened. Click here to see about our Disconnection Policy.

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5.1 What rake do you charge at your Money Games tables?

For the answer to your question, please check out the rake portion of our Money Games page.

5.2 If I want to leave the game for a little while but not quit the game, can I do this? What happens to my money?

Yes. Simply click the Deal me Out option on your screen. Don't worry about your money. We will take care of it. Out of consideration for the other players, however, please get back to the game as quickly as possible.

5.3 What happens to my money if I leave the game or get disconnected in the middle of a hand and don't make it back in
time for my next turn?

Click here to see our Disconnection Policy.

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6.1 Can I play anytime? Can I play right now?

Of course you can! Just click here for your Free Download and you'll literally be playing within minutes!

6.2 What does it cost me to play at the Play for Free Tables?
Absolutely nothing! Playing at the Play for Free Tables is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with online poker. Once you are familiar with the procedures, we would recommend you try a small buy-in tournament. They are fun, exciting, and affordable.

6.3 How many chips do you give me to play with at the Play for Free tables?
We start you with 1000 units. If you need more, simply place your cursor on the chip rack in front of the dealer, click it, and you will get another 500 units.

Please invite your friends to come and play at EmpirePoker. It will be worth your while! For every friend who opens an account at EmpirePoker, you will receive REAL money. Check out our Tell a Friend program for more details.

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